The Five Protective Factors Framework

This training will provide an overview of the evidence-informed protective factors framework. Learn how it applies to different levels of development & the power of positive childhood experiences for your students.

Your course(s) will appear here after you register. Inquiries before the training? Please email Deondra Brown at
Inquiries before the training? Please email Deondra Brown at
The 5 Protective Factors

What Are the Five Protective Factors?

Cognitive, Social, & Emotional Competence

Understanding emotional regulation skills & abilities in children.

Knowledge of Development

Understanding age appropriate behaviors, & how a child's brain works.

Social Connections

The ability to develop strong & healthy connections with others.


The ability to continue on in the face of adversity & hardship.

Concrete Supports

The ability to seek and locate resources & help when needed.

What to Expect

Training Overview

This 6-hour training session explores the Five Protective Factors and guiding premises. Participants will receive a packet of activities and materials that assist with the training. There are two scheduled breaks and a lunch break. CE Credits are available upon completion of the training and survey.

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